• young Russian nobleman who was ma▓king a special study
  • of the nature● of sects.We drove to the outermost skirts of ●Moscow and stopped before a ●small palace.My compa
  • nion, another yo●ung boyar, spoke to the servants, and● after a few minutes we were▓ conducted up a broad mar
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boyar motioned towa▓rds the ikon which hung in a corne●r.Modern furnishings, a book▓case filled with the most mode▓rn philosophical

literature, and ab▓ove it the orthodox ikon—we were in Moscow,▓ after all. The master of the hou●se came in and embraced and kis


sed his ●friend.I was introduced, and we shook han▓ds.Cigarettes were lighted, and● without further formalities the young▓ host took

some [Pg 246]manu▓scripts from a shelf and began to give me a priv●ate reading.My companion helped out● when the reader's vocabulary fail▓ed him.It is thus that I am in a p●osition to give from my notes ●the following

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excerpts from a wor▓k which cannot be printed in Ru▓ssia, because it deals with the forbidde▓n subject of the character of sects in ●a fashion not entirely acceptable to the censor.▓ The significance of sects▓ in the inner structure of Russian life is b●est shown by some figures which● give approximately their membership▓.In the year 1860 about ten million▓ Raskolniks (non-conformists) were co▓unted; in 1878, fourteen million; in ▓1897, twent